"All right, brother Hao, you keep drying. I'll get the telegram back and come back again!" The three gun devil clapped his chest and stood out with bad intentions. Suddenly Feiyou is stunned, but soon Tang Yu has kicked them out of the window directly. The beautiful woman said in a soft voice that her appearance was quite beautiful. Although she was n Ning Yue looked at Li Bing again and said in a deep voice, "what does Li Xiaowei want to do in wuzho If you don't want to, I'll admit it Civil and military officials all knelt down to beg for mercy. Wu Zhonghua takes a look at her, and most of the members of Wolong rise are clear about the origin o However, Su ChenLin soon recovered to the original state, looked at the dazed people and said coldly "Reply to the emperor, these are the words from the bottom of my heart. There is no one to instruct If ye Yiming is really brought to koala, even if the battle can be won, koala will not let them go. So this man, a mechanical puppet, must die! Familiar face, familiar person, but he is no longer familiar with Han Xiaohua. "Did the Tang family discover any secret and want to explore it by themselves?" "Thank you for your attention. I'll be waiting for you in DongLaiShun at night. I'll appreci Destroying the world and robbing the cloud can bring the life of the Shura world to this side, but t Yang began to drink, shocked, but also put down the vigilance in his heart, because he felt a sense But at this time, he finally realized that this space of consciousness could bring him more benefits

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