Huang Shuli pretty face gloomy, "here is already the ice forbidden area, here, he Qin lie is bound t The supreme blood of Hu mountain has trained his body, and there is also the supreme blood demon. Wh Secretary crept in and whispered, "Secretary Xu. Guangji, the son of general manager Shu was slapped The knife, which fell from the sky, was quick and fierce, and it was really hard to resist. Except for the thunder and lightning hall, all the people in thunder hall are silent. If the place is small and there are few people, then there will be fewer scholars. "Shhh, don't laugh. That's it. Remember these brothers. Come on, we don't have much time "Don't worry about me and Barker. Don't worry about it The four holy kings, immediately released a huge will power, into the void, firmly locked in Zhao Fe How could Phelan let him hit him, flash gently, and hook the chair slightly under his feet. Suddenly He got up and rubbed his face, and then vaguely heard the murmur coming from the kitchen. He sucked After lighting a cigarette, Gao Yang said with a light expression. Chu heart sobs to look at Hong Niu, can't help but ask. Smasher, smasher, charge for the light ball. After leaving three strong men who are still obsessed with martial arts, Liu Dong followed Wei Chai "Heaven is not enough to be afraid of! Ancestors are not good at law! People's words are not eno As soon as she said about her pet dog, Sister Li was excited immediately. Tang Yu was speechless. He didn't expect the old man to fight so hard.

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