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I'm sorry to touch your nose. I hope you don't mind touching my nose like this "Of course, you can feel it when you go in." "Marshal..." Swiss changed into Marshal's uniform. Ghost wolf a Leng, then eyebrow is deep frown, how is this possible? "Hey, the plan has changed. I'll take you to kill dragons!" "No, commander, do you think about anything else?" Xu Zheng was overjoyed: "it's Duan younger martial brother! Let's go out!" Where's the fierce man from? Do you really want to challenge two families alone? "I don't want to keep up with you. I want to die! All of a sudden, his chin fell all over the floor. At this time, the Xianjun secretly regretted that they wanted to take back the rule of no man's Just at this moment, a small motorcade came at a gallop. As for Lin Xinyi, who has just recovered her physical ability, after hesitating for a moment, she al Indeed, according to the geographical division, although Yanhuo forbidden area is very far away from "What about the city? Answer quickly, but 30 seconds has already arrived." It's ironic that Zhang Sanfeng, who has lived all his life, has become Xia Si The master of the three kinds of magic weapons is undoubtedly at least the king of the virtual God r Gu Tianyuan's eyes crossed Princess Youluo.

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